Our telewash system

Daily cleaning of various projects as: interior and exterior of offices, schools, houses, supermarkets, gas stations and so on.
Speciality: Fast and thorough cleaning of staircases. At dawn, in the afternoon or in the evening. We work unnoticed but with visible results. We work to measure especially for communities and construction companies.

Special Services

Cleaning of construction projects and projects with difficult accessibility.

  • Up to 15 meter altitude
  • Unbeatable prices
  • With the use of demineralized water
  • Leaves no stripes and spots
  • No use of chemicals
  • Respects environment
  • Every area is within reach without stairs
  • Safe working method
  • No risk nor responsibility. We work from the groundlevel
  • Total accessibility without the risk of demolishing gardens, pots and so on...

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Our telewash system can reach heigths of 15 metres over a distance of 100 metres.

With our osmosis water, which has a 99,9 % purity, you will be sure that your windows will not be damaged by lime or calcium, as it leaves no residues.

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